Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are generally developed for smartphones, tablets and they can be accessed through a number of application distribution platforms. JK Mediasoft is particularly into the development of mobile based applications and a number of applications developed by team of JK Mediasoft has helped the company to make its presence felt on the Google App Store. A number of applications such as DCR Entry, AppBook, Puzzle and many more are developed by JK Mediasoft.


iOS (previously iphone OS) was unveiled in 2007 developed by Apple Inc. and is now dominating the IT market at a very fast rate

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Android is the operating system which is spanning all across the world like forest fire. Android OS is based on the Linux kernel and is currently developed by Google.

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Windows Phone

OS which comes after the Android in customer satisfaction is the Windows Phone. It was first launched in October 2010 and right after

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As we know that, Hybrid applications are the applications that have the capability to run on different platforms.These applications are

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